Safety Benefits Brochure



Designed for Safety: Pays Back in Productivity

  • HookCam® provides sight at a low cost per pick
  • HookCam® is rugged, durable and reliable
  • HookCam® is passive. The monitor is placed in the cab and powered on. There is no operator action required.; no distraction
  • HookCam® is designed for the operator Reduces fatigue: physical1and mental2
  • HookCam® improves communication between rigger and operator3
  • HookCam® can be integrated into Critical Lift Plan
  • HookCam® can reduce trolley travel
  • HookCam® can reduce rope swing
  • HookCam® assists operator assess load balance
  • HookCam® assists operator assess load swing
  • HookCam® assists assessment of:
    • Hook Alignment
    • Hand Signals
    • Porches
    • Power Lines
    • Road Traffic
    • Concrete Pumps
    • Personnel
    • Stairwells
    • Shafts
    • PreCast Lifts
    • Forms
    • Tag Line
    • Night vision
    • Jumping the Crane
    • Change and Fast Developing Situations
    • Radio Failure
    • HookCam® presents a constant image when in bright sunlight, in and out of shade, dusk, nighttime, or when lowered in a tunnel shaft
    • HookCam® provides information to operator
    • HookCam® provides operator with context of site
    • HookCam® provides operator detail of pick
    • HookCam® allows eyes on the pick and the path
    • HookCam® saves property, personnel and time
    • HookCam® is part of a good safety program
    • HookCam® supplements radio
    • HookCam® provides detail of rigging
    • HookCam® confirms you’re serious about safety
    • HookCam® mitigates risk in blind picks
    • HookCam® makes every pick safer
    • HookCam® reduces risk in multi-crane sites
    • HookCam® helps bond rigger-operator team
    • HookCam® may give early warning of problem
    • HookCam® is another set of eyes
    • HookCam® gives operator context of site
    • HookCam® provides vision in low light conditions
    • HookCam® removes operator’s isolation from crew
    • HookCam® provides Westinghouse (recognition) effect
    • Hookcam® reduces risk in multi-language site
    • HookCam® Reduces risk with new or non-veteran riggers
    • HookCam® does not replace or attempt to replace rigger
    • HookCam® is recognized as a safety tool
    • HookCam® allows operator to check the load and rigging
    • HookCam® adds information to decision making process
    • HookCam® allows the operator to act quickly in a developing risky situation seen only from above

HookCam® presents the operator with a real time image

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