Lattice Boom Crane




Camera Mount: Can be on either block or boom-tip

“HookCam® makes every pick safer”

Insurance Execituve

The HookCam® Camera is encased in machined .8cm, 6000 series aluminum and embedded in epoxy for long life.  The innovave encasement design allows orientation of the camera to the le or right of the operator.


With a glance, operator has visual information.   The Hookcam® Camera samples thousands of background images every second using our patented digital signal processor to seamlessly adjust the image for opmal brightness and color balance.

 HookCam® camera is attached with a  tested, 180kg deadlift, switchable (on/off) magnet and tethered for safety redundancy by a 1800kg test lanyard

Monitor Features

HookCam®  26cm Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor

  • Ideal for Use in Direct, Bright Sunlight
  • Dim-to-Black option for night use
  • Vibration and Shock treatment
  • 800 x 600 Resolution
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio;   700:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1,000 nits Brightness
  • VGA, S-Video and BNC Loop thru
  • 12VDC/90-240VAC (or 11-36VDC)
  • Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel
  • 1 Year Warranty

HookCam® for Lattice Boom Cranes

Everyday Heavy and Critical Lifts introduce risk and fatigue.  HookCam® mitigates risk adding sight.  HookCam® reduces stress and fatigue with its visual cues and  ergonomic monitor placement.   HookCam® is no replacement for rules of safe operation but HookCam® adds SIGHT: improves communications and confirms the status of the load from pick thru path.

HookCam® delivers information to the person who needs it most.  We explain: HookCam® was designed for safety but pays for itself with reduced fatigue, increased communication and improved safety.

Designed by operators for operators, HookCam® provides a high resolution image  on a balanced screen whether the image is shot in darkness or bright light.  The computer adjusted image is reliable in any condition

Camera Features
  • Industrial Grade Camera embedded in epoxy latticepix2
  • Encased in .8cm 6000 series aluminum
  • AWB:  Automatic  white balance.  Whether the background is shade or sun, or some of both, the HookCam® remains balanced with a constant image.
  • HTVL:  High resolution Television Lines: 690 HTVL
Battery Technology
  • Weight:  4.5 pounds (2.2kg)
  • Measure:  HxWxD inches 8.25¨ 2.25” (39.9 x 8.9 x 5.7cm)
  • Chemistry: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Lithium Content by weight: <2%
  • Voltage: 12V; Hours Per Charge 10-12 Hours
  • Watt Hours for IATA Calculation: 120 WaB hours
  • Life Cycles: 2000 Charges
  • System Provision: Two Batteries, One Battery Charger
  • IATA Shipping Information: UN3480; PI 965
Alternave Power
  • Monitor: 12/24DC Conversion or 110/115AC (US) or  220V 50 Hz (EU).  Can be wired along lattice or wired into airplane light

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