Introducing the Generation 5 HookCam

  • Adaptable mounting system


    Adaptable mounting system

    • Easy installation: can be installed/uninstalled with the turn of a switch
    • Can be fitted to a variety of cranes
    • Adjustable camera location allows for a clear view from the hook at all times
    • Includes tethers for added security
  • Sleek, ergonomic design

    Sleek, ergonomic design

    • Easy to carry, transport, install and store
    • Smaller profile on the hook
    • Sunlight readable display
    • 10″ LCD viewing monitor
    • Rugged carrying case
    • Weatherproof casing
    • High resistance to shock and vibrations

  • Advanced battery technology

    Advanced battery technology

    HookCam Battery Charger

    • 12VDC: 8-10 hours of battery life
    • Increased safety
    • Solar charging
    • Easy battery access
    • Light weight, enhanced design
  • Distraction free operation

    Distraction free operation

    • No need for zoom or adjustments
    • No distraction to the operator
    • Requires no manual operation: completely hands free
    • Automatically focuses to the load