A Bonus of Payback and Productivity



Designed for Safety: Pays Back in Productivity

A Bonus of Payback and Productivity

HookCam®:  Designed for Safety.  Pays For itself in Productivity

Surveys of Operators using the HookCam® provide evidence of a time savings of one minute per pick. The time saved provides the operator with time to think, a margin of safety on every pick and some contribution to payback on the investment

HookCam® provides the fastest payback of any investment in safety

HookCam® has a one year full parts warranty. The best in the industry.

If one were to lease the HookCam® justifying it solely for the purpose of safety, then the cost per pick, using the average picks per day and a one year least, the cost per pick is less than $1.00 per pick

If one were to purchase the HookCam® and allocate the cost over the useful life of the HookCam® then allocation of the cost for each pick would be less than $0.10 per pick.

A 2005 University Study using 4 tower cranes, 2 with cameras and 2 without cameras, concluded that producvity per pick was 26% better with the camera in general and 38% better in the blind.

HookCam® helps most when (1) there are critical lifts; (2) high utilization; (3) critical deadlines

A study of 14 cranes in use for one year showed HookCam® down time of less than 1%. This percentage factor will change depending upon proximity to HookCam® service facilities

A 2006 University Study concluded operators rated the camera system 4.5 out of five stars for improved communications

HookCam® is designed for safety but we say that HookCam® pays for itself in productivity. An in house study concludes the HookCam® pays for itself in a matter of months using a time saved per pick approach.

An insurance executive with a large tower crane insurer estimated HookCam® would not only improve productivity 25% but reduce liability

HookCam® saves the risk of a company’s insurance deductible with every pick

Lease the HookCam® if your project is less than one year and the owner is paying. Buy the HookCam® if the project is longer than one year.

Payback: = (Savings in minutes per pick x picks per day x length of project in days) / 60 = Hours Saved = Hours Saved x Project Cost Per Hour x What Percent of time saved goes to the bottom line

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