About HookCam® 

HookCam is a wireless camera system that attaches directly to the hook block of a crane and delivers a live video stream to the operator in the cab.  HookCam eliminates the communication issues faced when operating in the blind and gives the operator a second set of eyes, allowing them to better communicate with the rigger and respond to critical situations.  With the HookCam, the operator has more control of risks on the job site and can more safety and efficiently.

It’s really good in that it sheds four eyes on picks instead of two.


The HookCam keeps our crews safe and allows the crane operator to see employees during the lifting activities.  Without the HookCam, there’s the potential for accidents to happen, but with the HookCam, the crane operator can identify these hazards and avoid them.

-Project Superintendent

I just wouldn’t consider doing a project without a HookCam now.  It’s that good.

-Project Manager

We’re saving 30 seconds to a minute on each load.  We’re doing 90 loads a day.  That’s up to an hour and a half a day we’re saving with the use of the HookCam, and over the life a projects that’s hours.  A lot of man hours that we’re saving.  It really speeds up the efficiency of the project.


Why HookCam?

Leverage the benefits of a safer and more productive job site.  Contact us to learn more about HookCam and how it’s changing the way we see safety.



HookCam helps operators minimize risks and respond to critical situations.  In a study conducted by OSHA in 2000, they found that over 20% of crane accidents were caused by unsecured loads and 20% were attributed to lack of communication.  In a study conducted jointly by Haag Engineering and MIT, they found that 33.5% of injuries on a job site happen to riggers, and 20.7% of injuries occur when a worker is contacted the load.  HookCam is focused on the rigger and the load to provide operators with the view necessary to minimize these risks and maximize safety.


Operators rely on riggers for the transfer of critical information.  The HookCam improves this communication by empowering the operator with the ability to see the rigger and the load.  The operator can now work in harmony with the rigger to confirm the load’s balance and security.



A university study analyzed the effectiveness of a camera on the hook by measuring the pick times on four high rise buildings with identical re-bar lifts.  In the study, two of the sites were equipped with cameras on the hook of their cranes while the other two operated without any visual aid.  Over the test period, the sites using cameras on their hooks were able to decrease pick time by an average of 38.9% in the blind and 26.7% in open space.




HookCam allows the operator to see the pace and swing of the load and provides the situational awareness necessary to reduce potential accidents and property damage.  This view from the hook gives the operator more control, reducing their levels of stress and fatigue.